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Jonny Fun on Two States

Jonny Fun in a rare live appearance!

This week on Two States, Danny Carroll and Jonny Fun sit down in the plush surrounds of the Gresham Hotel for a nice long chat and a couple of cups of tea (decaff regular and earl grey specifically).

Having grown up in Washington, in the north east of England, Jonny moved to Ireland 10 years ago. In 2009, with the help of his Hesitations, he released the debut album ‘Carpe PM’.

Since then he’s gone on to contribute to the Popical Island Collective, providing warm and winsome songs for their annual compilations, as well as playing bass for fellow Popical band (and former Two States interviewees!) ‘Yeh Deadlies’.

In this interview, Jonny discusses, amongst other things, his involvement in the collective, approaches to songwriting, moving to Ireland, and future plans for live dates and recordings.


1. Country Town (2012 – Popical Island #3)

2. Little Miss Sunshine, And Me (2009 – Carpe PM)

3. I Never Liked Him Anyway (2011 – Popical Island #2)

4. Magazine (Yeh Deadlies Single Version – 2010)

5. Jennifer G. Smith (2009 – Carpe PM)

For more info on Jonny Fun & The Hesitations visit – http://jonnyfunandthehesitations.co.uk

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