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Squarehead on Two States (Electric Picnic 2012)


Squarehead's Ruan Van Vliet presides over a heated clash of the titans - 2XM's Danny Carroll versus Squarehead bassist Ian McFarlane, backstage at the Electric Picnic 2012

Squarehead’s Ruan Van Vliet presides over a heated clash of the titans – 2XM’s Danny Carroll versus Squarehead bassist Ian McFarlane, backstage at the Electric Picnic 2012

Well, it’s been a while, but here’s one from the archives. An interview with Two States staples Squarehead, recorded backstage at the Electric Picnic 2012. Hear Roy Duffy (Vocals/Guitar), Ian McFarlane (Bass/Vocals), Ruan Van Vliet (Drums) and producer Fiachra McCarthy talk about the band’s recent split LP ‘Out Of Season’. The album, released on New York label ‘Inflated Records’, saw Squarehead team up with fellow Irish trio So Cow. Talking to Danny Carroll for RTE Radio, the band discuss their heavier sound, new recording techniques and former record label The Richter Collective.

Hear it all below y’all


1. More Quickly

2. Harking On

3. Sicknote

All songs are taken from Squarehead’s split LP ‘Out Of Season’, available now via Inflated Records – http://inflatedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/so-cow-squarehead-out-of-season-split-lp

:Hounds: on Two States


Gavin, Peter, Allan and Brian - 'Chomp Rock' Innovators :HOUNDS:

Gavin, Peter, Allan and Brian – ‘Chomp Rock’ Innovators :HOUNDS:

Chomp Rock? Special Metal? The ball dropping heft of :HOUNDS: will all become clear in this interview. The product of much drunken jamming, Dublin quartet :HOUNDS: released their self-titled debut album at the tail end of 2012 with a mighty launch gig in Whelan’s. Ahead of this, Danny Carroll met Allan, Peter and Gavin to stroke-chins about the bands beginnings and plans for the future.

Hear it all below:


1. All Hail

2. Longboat

3. Something In Your Face

4. Night Of No

All tracks are taken from :HOUNDS: debut album available from their bandcamp page or Houndsband.com

Band Of Horses on Two States

Ryan Monroe and Creighton Barret from Band Of Horses talk to Danny Carroll ahead of their sold out show in the Olympia Theatre

“Play as many gigs as you can, take any gig you can and never be a dick under any circumstance” (Creighton Barrett, Saturday 18 November 2012)

Sure here they are now. Ryan Monroe and Creighton Barrett of Band Of Horses talking to Danny Carroll ahead of their sold out show in the Olympia Theatre. Hear the guys chat about working with legendary producer Glyn Johns, embracing imperfection and the hardest act they’ve ever had to follow…

Doesn’t Ryan Monroe have possibly the greatest radio voice you’ve ever heard?


1. Knock Knock

2. Shut-In Tourist

3. Slow Cruel Hands Of Time

All songs are taken from Band Of Horses new album Mirage Rock available on Sony Columbia Records.

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The Cribs on Two States (2012)

Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman from the Wakefield trio – The Cribs

“The whole idea of being independent and doing stuff on a D.I.Y level makes so much more sense because of the way the music industry is now. It’s very rare that people can be dependent on a record label anymore, so you really had better be about more than just the music. Otherwise the future doesn’t look particularly bright for people lasting more than a few months” (Ryan Jarman, Thursday 8 November 2012).

What’s this? Why it’s a whoppin’ big interview with The Cribs! Danny Carroll meets brothers Ryan and Gary Jarman during their recent Irish tour. Listen below to hear the Wakefield twins discuss tweeting with Brian May, being referenced in Stephen Malkmus lyrics, and their longstanding friendship with Irish band September Girls.

There’s also time to chat about current album ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ and the increasing influence of ‘classical ideas’ upon The Cribs music.

Our interview begins with Gary talking about their musical ‘gateway drug’, Nirvana:


1. Bovine Public (Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever – 2007)

2. Mirror Kissers (The New Fellas – 2005)

3. Hells Bells (September Girls Single – 2012)

4. Jaded Youth (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull – 2012)

5. Four Song Suite:
Like a Gift Giver,
Arena Rock Encore with Full Cast (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull – 2012)

6. Shady Lane (Pavement, Brighten The Corners – 1997)

7. Another Number (The Cribs, 2004)

Everything Everything on Two States

Everything Everything release their second album Arc in January via Geffen Records

“It’s a very specific skill being in a band. It’s not about how fast you can play your guitar, it’s about cooperation and collaboration”

This week on Two States Danny Carroll meets Jeremy, Jonathon and Michael from the Manchester quartet Everything Everything. Having received a Mercury nomination for their 2010 debut ‘Man Alive’, the Salford lads are back with a new single ‘Cough Cough’. Visiting Dublin to support the stadium-rawk behemoths Muse, Everything Everything chat about art rock bluster, Willow Smith and the benefits of music college.

Hear it below:


1. Cough Cough

2. Photoshop Handsome

3. Suffragette Suffragette

4. Schoolin’

Everything Everything release their second album Arc in January. They’ll be returning to play Whelan’s in Dublin in February. Visit http://everythingeverything.co.uk for more info.

Fionn Regan on Two States

Bray singer/songwriter Fionn Regan speaks to Danny Carroll ahead of his October 2012 show in the Olympia Theatre

“Usually with a song, when it’s done there’s just that amazing feeling of, there was nothing to begin with and now there’s something. I think that’s probably the amazing thing about it and maybe that’s what keeps you doing it”.

This week on Two States, Danny Carroll talks to the singular Wicklow songwriter, Fionn Regan. Having released his fourth album ‘Anchor Black Tattoo’ in September, Fionn has since gone on to play his biggest headline show in the Olympia Theatre. In this extended interview hear him chat to Danny about the significance of the gig, his love for Neil Young and the inexpressible nature of songwriting.


1. Hey Rabbit (The End Of History – 2006)

2. Mr. Soul (Neil Young – Live 1969 at Canterbury House)

3. Coat Hook (Shadow Of An Empire – 2010)

4. Hunters Map (The End Of History – 2006)

5. The Lake District (100 Acres Of Sycamore – 2011)

6. Moving To Berlin (The Bunkhouse Vol 1: Anchor Black Tattoo – 2012)

7. The Shadow Of An Empire (Shadow Of An Empire – 2010)

Red Sail on Two States (HWCH 2012)

Red Sail performing in studio for Two States at Hard Working Class Heroes 2012

Here’s another splendid acoustic session and performance from Two States time at Hard Working Class Heroes 2012. Red Sail are a new acoustic trio based in Dublin. Quickly gaining a reputation for their intricate compositions and bewitching harmonies, they’ve played the Electric Picnic and Hard Working Class Heroes festivals this year on the back of their splendid EP – Paper Cutouts

Hear the trio perform Balcony Balloons live from Filmbase, before guitarist Simon Fitzpatrick talks to Danny Carroll about the group’s formation and plans for the future.